About Us

What is Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation?

The Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) is Massachusetts’ largest farm and ranch organization with membership that represents production agriculture throughout the Commonwealth. We are “The Voice of Agriculture” in Massachusetts.

Farm Bureau is an independent, non-governmental grassroots organization that analyzes problems and formulates action to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity, and social advancement and thereby to promote the national well-being. Its mission is “to protect the rights, encourage the growth, and be of service to its members, in the best interest of agriculture.”

As the agriculture industry faces new challenges in the future, Farm Bureau will be there to assist our members in tackling those challenges. We will be involved in lobbying on county, state and national issues. We will be there to discuss issues of profitability, property rights, labor, water, trade, farm policy, tax issues, environmental issues and much more. We will also continue to offer value to our members by making products and services available to our members at discount prices.

Who Is Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation?

Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation is the largest general farming organization with nearly 6,000 members. Agriculture is a broad field.  Farm Bureau membership is diverse and includes members involved in fruit and vegetable production, dairy, livestock, greenhouse and nursery, aquaculture, forestry, equine, beekeepers and others.  Membership provisions vary a bit between states. MFBF has several levels of membership, including:

  • Platinum, Gold and Regular members – farmers who produce an agricultural commodity.
  • Business Allied to Agriculture –A member that offers products or services that are essential to agriculture.
  • Associate member – Non-farmer members that do not receive agricultural income.
  • Student member – Full-time students, age 16-25.
  • Friend of Local Farmers – Non-farmer members that want to support local farmers and local agriculture.

Are you interested in helping sustain the local food supply? You can for $25! All you have to do is sign-up to become a Friend of Local Farmers!

Most of Massachusetts’ 7,750 farms are small and family-owned, so our farmers don’t have time to run their businesses and be politicians. That’s where MFBF and consumers can help!

When you become a Friend of Local Farmers you join the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation – a non-profit organization that represent farms and farmers on Beacon Hill and in Washington, D.C.  MFBF has a solid record for positive action on issues that concern all landowners in Massachusetts, including protecting the environment, private property rights, a safe food supply, affordable taxes and preserving open space and working landscapes in your community.

For example, in 2016 the Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s farmland valuation advisory committee (FVAC) approved a dramatic 300 percent increase in Chapter 61a farmland values in January 2016. MFBF appealed to the Governor’s office for relief from property tax increases and the FVAC reconsidered, resulting in a savings of $10+ million annually. And that savings of $1,200 per farm helped keep many farms in business.

But MFBF can’t do it without you! In order to reinforce our message, our organization needs your support! For just $25 you’ll help farmers have a unified voice to develop policies across town lines; have access to information on all the latest trends in agriculture and issues that challenge local farms; and you’ll receive a membership card that doubles as an Access benefit card when activated for savings at more than 175,000 vendors.

Please join us as a Friend of Local Farmer member today.