Franklin County Farm Bureau Celebrates Agricultural Heritage With Tractor Ride

About 30 farmers with tractors gathered on Sunday at Foxbard Farm in Shelburne Falls to participate in the Franklin County Farm Bureau’s annual fall foliage tractor ride. This ride celebrates Franklin County’s rich agricultural heritage while drawing attention to the community’s agricultural roots.

“I was proud to see about 30 farmers with their tractors participate in this ride,” said MFBF President Mark Amato, who manages Verrill Farm in Concord. “We are a top state for direct to consumer sales and as such, our farmers find it very important to connect with consumers through outreach events.”

This ride is just one example of the many different types of outreach programs that county Farm Bureaus and Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation undertake in a year. Other examples include Livestock on the Common, legislative breakfasts, member webinars and more. All these programs focus on assisting farmers and connecting agriculture with the public.

“I commend Franklin County Farm Bureau’s board of directors and Foxbard Farm for putting on such an excellent tractor ride,” Amato said. “Events like this go a long way towards raising awareness and growing the influence of our organization.”

The Franklin County Farm Bureau belongs to the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, which represents nearly 6,000 family members across the Commonwealth. The Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation is a non-profit association consisting of 11 member organizations and is part of The American Farm Bureau Federation.